M&M Marble & Granite supply, frabricate and install products provided by the following companies:


Marble has a natural, unique, exotic-elegant pattern and colours.

 It can be defined as a metamorphic limestone. This simply means that once limestone is heated and pressure is applied, the calcite melts forming crystals finalising the marble. 

Chemical damage is frequently caused by the contact of acidic juices such as tomato juice, pineapple juice, lemon juice etc. Acidic attack can also result from certain cleaning liquids. Sealing can reduce the susceptibility from acids, but will not eradicate it entirely. 


Granite is highly resistant to mould and mildew build-up. Granite is one of the three types of igneous rock. It is essentially formed from hot, liquefied magma. Granite provides great colour and grain variations, and offers high levels of resistance to abrasion and scratching due to the hardness of the stone. It is less vulnerable to permanent staining compared to other stones as its absorption rate is very low in comparison to other stones.


Reconstituted stone is a man-made stone. Reconstituted stone captures the beauty of natural stone and offers define advantages in colour consistency. It provides the same strength, durability and versatility of natural stone. However due to its non porous nature, it is also more stain resistant, easy-care engineered, high resistant to chips, stains and scratches.